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Top 10 Reasons Your Student Should Visit the Career Center

By Garrett Fischer

From critiquing resumes to career counseling, the Career Center offers invaluable services to help your student find a job after graduation, as well as perhaps an internship and/or a job during their time at the university. Here are the top 10 reasons your student should visit the Career Center:

  1. Resume and Cover Letter Development/Critiques

One of the best services the Career Center offers is critiquing of resumes and cover letters. Your student can drop them off at our front desk during our office hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and our staff will have them edited within two business days and back into your student’s hands!

  1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test

Is your student still unsure of what career path he or she would like to take? No worries! Have him or her swing by our office and take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test or MBTI. The MBTI uses scientifically based insights to categorize personalities into 16 different types. By taking the test, students will understand themselves a little better and can align their personality type with a specific career in mind. ($25)

  1. Strong Interest Inventory

Another test our office offers is the Strong Interest Inventory. This test is especially beneficial for undecided students, but any student is welcome to take it. This test is designed to measure students’ interests and help them decide on a college major or career. ($30)

  1. Career Counseling

Career counselors can meet with your student one-on-one to discuss career decisions and major selections, provide and direct your student to information on majors and internships, educate your student on the culture and expectations of the work world, and discuss the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory results.

  1. Information Sessions

The Career Center hosts information sessions both in our office and around campus. These sessions include different employers from all over the nation who come and share specific jobs or internships they are offering to students.

  1. Internships

Is your student looking for hands-on experience within his or her career field? Tell him/her to swing by our office and set up an internship appointment with our internship coordinator. We help guide students to find an internship locally, nationally or abroad.

  1. Mock Interviews/Interview Suites

Within the Career Center, we have five interview suites where we host mock interviews to prepare your student for any interview of his or her choosing. Preparing for graduate or professional school? Preparing for a part-time job around Oxford? Preparing for a job after graduation? Whatever the reason, students can come calm some jitters and get some valuable practice so they are ready for the real thing.

  1. Job Location & Development

Is your student looking for a part-time job off campus? If so, tell him or her to visit our JLD graduate assistants in the Career Center to help find a part-time job. These graduate assistants spend time in the community working with employers who want to hire students. Tell your student to come check out our entire job list in the office.

  1. Career Fairs

The Career Center hosts several career fairs a semester ranging from engineering to pharmacy to graduate school. This is an opportunity for your student to meet different employers, network and work on professional development. All represented companies and/or schools that attend the fair are looking to hire Ole Miss graduates, so do not let your student miss out.

  1. EDHE 301: Career and Life Planning

EDHE 301 is a course for juniors and seniors and is taught by career counselors in our office. During this course, your student will learn interviewing skills and how to write a resume and cover letter correctly, budget properly, and apply to graduate or professional schools.


Garrett Fischer is a job location and development graduate assistant at the UM Career Center and an OMFA practicum student.