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Ole Miss Dining FAQ

By Rachel Vanderford

The start of the semester is a hectic time for students and parents alike with orientation, moving out, moving in and, of course, classes. Trying to learn the Ole Miss meal plan system on top of all that can be tough, so we’ve outlined some of the top questions people ask us. For a breakdown of each meal plan we offer, click here.

What is Plus 1?

The Plus 1 you see attached to almost every meal plan is an $8 equivalent that your student can use once per day anywhere food is sold on campus. Unlike block meals that can only be used at the residential dining halls and the Student Union, the Plus 1 can be used at Starbucks, Papa John’s, Freshii, the Pavilion and the P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand) markets, as well as the residential dining halls and the Student Union. However, unlike the block meals, the Plus 1 is good for one swipe (up to $8) once per day. Students who choose to use their Plus 1 to buy a coffee at Starbucks that only costs $5 have used their swipe for the day. They do not get the other $3 back. Likewise, if the cost of their meal exceeds $8, they will be asked to cover the remaining balance.

If my student doesn’t use his Plus 1, does it roll over?

No, the Plus 1 is only good once per day every day of the semester. If students do not use it, they lose it. Think of the Plus 1 as a safety net. Even if your students used all of their block meals in the first few weeks of the semester, they would still be able to eat at least one meal per day for the rest of the semester using their Plus 1.

What are the 10 guest meals?

You will see that the Rebel 50 Plus 1 and Rebel 100 Plus 1 meal plans for freshmen and the Rebel 50 for commuters and upperclassmen offer 10 less meals than suggested along with 10 “guest meals.” (For example, the Rebel 50 is described as 40 meals and 10 guest meals.) That simply means that if a parent or friend of the student wanted to eat with him or her at one of our dining locations, the student could use one of the meals to cover the cost of the guest’s food. However, students can also use the guest meals on themselves.

Why can students only gain entry to the Grill at 1810 for breakfast or lunch with their meal plan?

The Grill at 1810 is a more upscale dining facility. With a focus on nutrition, the executive chefs work directly with the university’s nutrition staff to create menu items. Located inside the Olivia and Archie Manning Performance Center, students who eat there get a view of the Indoor Practice Facility. Standard meal rates for the Grill are $9.50 for breakfast and $11 for lunch. However, if students are using a block meal or Plus 1, they are able to slide their card once and eat. Since dinner is a $13 fee, we do cover up to the cost of lunch ($11) and ask that the students pay the extra $2 out of pocket or use flex.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex is money loaded onto each student’s university ID. Each semester, $250 is charged to the student’s bursar account as part of tuition. That money goes directly onto their ID for them to spend on food. Although they start with $250, money can be added to the account at any time. Flex is primarily used to cover the overage that the $8 meal or Plus 1 doesn’t, but students can use Flex to pay for anything food-related. Flex can be used to buy food or coffee from Starbucks, food or drinks from vending machines around campus or just pay for a meal outright if they don’t have any more meals or they have used their Plus 1 for the day.

For any further questions, please email vanderford-rachel@aramark.com or ewing-valerie@aramark.com or call 662-915-1467.

Rachel Vanderford is marketing assistant manager for Ole Miss Dining.